Examination & Assesments


Kepping up with the changing times and trend of education National P.G. College has done away with the traditional sytem of examination.

A semester-based examination system has been initiated throughout all the courses in the college. The semester system is a very proactive system as it engages both the faculty and the students throughout the year in academic activity and also reduces examination burden.

A semester system divides the academic year into two terms, roughly 22–24 weeks each.

The semester end examinations shall ordinarily be conducted on November-December and April-May. The maximum marks for each theory and practical course (including the project work and Viva Voce examination) shall be 100 with the following breakup:

For Theory Subjects

Semester End Examination 70 Marks
Internal Assessment (Written Test, Attendance, Behavioural Conduct) 30 Marks (20 Marks + 5 Marks + 5 Marks)

For Practical Subjects

Semester End Examination 70 Marks
Internal Assessment (Internal Practical, Viva-Voce, Practical File) 30 Marks (20 Marks + 5 Marks + 5 Marks)

Examination Under CBCS

Evaluation of student performance of each paper has two components (a) Internal Continuous Assessment, and (b) Semester End Examination, which are held at the end of Semester / Academic Year.

The level of student academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and semester end examination is reflected by letter grades on a ten point scale according to the connotation given below which is fully in consonance with the UGC norms.

Conversion Table for Grade Point Average and Grades

Marks Grade Point Average Letter Grade
96 - 100 10 O
86 – 95 9 A+
76 – 85 8 A
66 – 75 7 B+
56 – 65 6 B
46 – 55 5 C
36 – 45 4 D
26 – 35 3 F
16 – 25 2 F
6 – 15 1 F
0 – 5 0 F

Conversion Table for SGPA / CGPA / FGPA
into Grade

SGPA / CGPA / FGPA Letter Grade
9.6 - 10 O
8.6 – 9.5 A+
7.6 – 8.5 A
6.6 – 7.5 B+
5.6 – 6.5 B
4.6 – 5.5 C
3.6 – 4.5 D
0 – 3.5 F


The performance of the student in the semester is indicated as "Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA)" with letter grade at the end of every semester. SGPA is the weighted average of grade points of all letter grades secured by a student for all the papers in the semester. The Formula for computing SGPA is as under

SGPA Formula   Where C1,C2,C3,… denote credits associated with the papers taken by the students and G1,G2,G3,… are Grade Points of the letter grades awarded in the respective papers.



The CGPA is used to describe overall performance in all papers in letter grades which a student has obtained. It is weighted average of grade points obtained by him/her in all the previous semesters including the current one.

SGPA Formula